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Exposure to toxic mold can cause many serious health problems.

If your exposure to mold is the result of negligence or recklessness on the part of a landlord, employer or anyone else, you may be able to pursue an injury claim and receive compensation for your injuries.

The lawyers at NPN Law know how to handle even the most complex cases involving exposure to black mold and other harmful substances. We know that your health should be your main concern, so we handle the entirety of the legal process so that you can focus on your recovery while we seek compensation on your behalf. From our Camarillo office, we serve clients across Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Kern Counties and other parts of California.

Where Does Mold Exposure Occur? What Are The Symptoms?

Exposure to toxic levels of mold often occurs when:

  • Landlords fail to respond to complaints of leaky pipes or flooding in your apartment resulting in damp conditions within walls, ceilings and other surfaces that foster the growth and spread of mold.
  • The apartment lacks adequate ventilation, especially in a bathroom, causing wet or damp conditions.
  • Landlords know that mold is present at an apartment or other rental property and fail to remedy the situation.
  • Mold spores enter an air circulation system at an apartment due to the landlord’s failure to keep the premises maintained.

In these situations, and all other instances where toxic mold is present, it is vital that you seek medical care and legal counsel if you begin to experience chronic coughing, headaches, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, confusion or other mental impairments, or other similar symptoms.  Individuals with allergies or asthma are most at risk for developing symptoms with mold exposure.

We can direct you to appropriate medical resources, investigate your claim, and give you an honest assessment about whether you have a case and how likely that case is to reach a successful outcome.

What Should You Do If You Find Mold In Your Apartment?

  • Notify your Landlord Immediately. When you notify your landlord of the mold in your apartment, make your complaint in writing by certified letter, email or text.  Save all your correspondence with the landlord.
  • Document the Mold. Take photographs and videos of the mold.  Call a certified mold testing company to test your apartment for mold.
  • Call code compliance and the health department. A Health and Safety Code violation gives you additional rights and protections under the law.
  • Move out. Breaking your lease should be a last resort, but if your health and safety is at risk, it may be necessary.
  • Call an attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights and help you decide whether you have a case or not.

Tell us about your case.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid, guaranteed!

  • Tell us about your case.

Other Practice Areas

Health & Safety Code Violations

If you are a tenant that lives in a unit which has violations from government agencies, you may have a claim against your landlord for collecting rent while these violations persist.  At NPN Law we routinely represent tenants who live in residences which have been violated by health, housing, building and safety departments.   We can help to subpoena these files from government agencies so that the tenant is aware of the problems with the rental unit. 

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Unpermitted Units

Prior to renting a unit the unit must have a certificate of occupancy. Common examples of unpermitted units include: Converted garages, Converted closets, Unpermitted building additions. If you live in any of these types of units you may be entitled to a return of the rent that you have paid. 

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Retaliatory Eviction

It is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant for exerting their legal rights such as complaining to a government agency regarding the conditions of the tenant’s residence. If you have complained to your landlord or a government agency regarding the conditions of your residence and the landlord has thereafter sought to evict you contact NPN Law to protect your rights.   You may be entitled to damages for the landlord’s retaliation.

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