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Work Injuries

You could be working in a factory, at a desk in an office, or out in the field. You could be a driver, laborer, or an office clerk. Regardless, you could get hurt on the job. In many cases, this means you’d need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation coverage is supposed to do the following: You get hurt on the job and can’t work, so you file a claim for benefits, and you get some level of compensation.

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Bus Accidents

Bus crashes are often quite different from car crashes. In many cases, it’s because of the obvious reasons: Buses are heavier, are generally more difficult to navigate, and carry many passengers and most often do not have seat belts. Some types of buses routinely travel great distances and need regular maintenance.

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Motorcycle Accidents

For a motorcyclist, there is rarely such a thing as a minor accident. Motorcyclists are completely exposed. Even in low-speed collisions, motorcyclists often fly off their bikes. When motorcyclists are involved in higher-speed accidents or collisions with cars, the results are often catastrophic.

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Dog Bites

Dogs bite about 4.5 million people every year in the USA, and it’s estimated that half of the victims are children between the ages of 5 and 9. If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, it’s important to understand your legal rights so you know who to hold liable for your injuries. Each state has its own laws related to dog bites.

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Premises Liability

Landowners and businesses are responsible for keeping their property safe and hazard-free. However, not all property owners take the time needed to ensure that visitors don’t need to worry about injuring themselves on an unexpected danger. When you or someone you love is seriously injured through a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to fight for the compensation you need to cover any damages or medical bills you incurred by filing a lawsuit.

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Bicycle Accidents

At NPN Law we are fellow cyclists and often ride our bicycles to work. According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, more than 1,000 bicyclists were killed in crashes, and nearly 467,000 more were injured. Far too many of these accidents are caused by negligent motorists who fail to share the road and yield the right of way to cyclists. 

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Pedestrian Accidents

We’ve all heard it “THE PEDESTRIAN HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY”. Unfortunately with the rise of traffic and distracted driving pedestrians are often put in peril and are frequently injured.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 4000 pedestrians are killed in crashes and over 59,000 are injured.

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Product Liability

At NPN LAW our attorneys are well-versed in the laws that protect consumers against the harm posed by defective products. When a consumer sustains an injury due to a defective product, a number of parties can be held liable for releasing a product that they knew or should have known posed a risk to users.

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Wrongful Death

In many cases, a wrongful death claim arises after an accident has occurred. Following the loss of a loved one, pursuing a wrongful death claim through the legal process is likely the last thing on your mind. At NPN Law, we understand this and have developed an approach to these cases that lets you focus on your emotional well-being and your family while we pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Car Accidents

Car crashes can be among the most devastating things that can happen in anyone’s life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 35,000 people are killed by automobile accidents yearly.  At NPN Law we have seen how car accidents can have a dramatic effect on our clients’ lives. Whether it is living with pain or dealing with insurmountable medical bills we are here to help.

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