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Lead poisoning causes devastating and life altering harm to young children.

When a child is lead poisoned at a young age, that child’s potential for success is taken from them. A lead poisoned child who once had a bright and open future full of possibility will often struggle in school and life just to be average. That is why it is important to get your child the resources he or she needs to cope with the lifelong problems that result from childhood lead exposure.

NPN LAW has taken on landlords, management companies, public housing authorities, government agencies, and others who failed to take the common sense steps necessary to prevent a young child from being harmed from lead. They understand the painful and often isolating struggle a child goes through in life after being lead poisoned, and fight hard to ensure that every child receives the financial resources needed to overcome this struggle.

A lead poisoning lawsuit is more complicated than a typical premises liability case. Lead interrupts the growth and development of a child’s brain, but the effects of lead poisoning are often not seen until years after the initial exposure and manifest in ways that are not readily apparent to someone who was unaware of the initial exposure. Symptoms of lead poisoning are similar to that of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (“ADHD”) and other learning disabilities. However, a child may exhibit strengths in certain subjects while struggling in others, leading parents and teachers to think the child is simply not trying.

Symptoms of Acute Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning often causes people to suffer from:

  • Stomach pain and cramps
  • Constipation and vomiting
  • Anemia
  • Headaches
  • Reduced sensations
  • Muscle weakness
  • Seizures

Complications of Long-Term Lead Exposure

The longer you are exposed to lead, the more likely it is that it is poisoning you. Long-term complications include:

  • Children’s mental and developmental functioning
  • Hearing problems
  • Kidney damage
  • Coma
  • Death

Older house and workplaces are the most common source of lead poisoning.  If you have a peeling paint or other damaged building material and believe that your home or office is making you sick the lawyers at NPN LAW can help.  NPN LAW will have the damaged material tested for lead content and will advise you on where to seek medical attention.

Other Practice Areas

Health & Safety Code Violations

If you are a tenant that lives in a unit which has violations from government agencies, you may have a claim against your landlord for collecting rent while these violations persist.  At NPN Law we routinely represent tenants who live in residences which have been violated by health, housing, building and safety departments.   We can help to subpoena these files from government agencies so that the tenant is aware of the problems with the rental unit. 

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Unpermitted Units

Prior to renting a unit the unit must have a certificate of occupancy. Common examples of unpermitted units include: Converted garages, Converted closets, Unpermitted building additions. If you live in any of these types of units you may be entitled to a return of the rent that you have paid. 

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Retaliatory Eviction

It is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant for exerting their legal rights such as complaining to a government agency regarding the conditions of the tenant’s residence. If you have complained to your landlord or a government agency regarding the conditions of your residence and the landlord has thereafter sought to evict you contact NPN Law to protect your rights.   You may be entitled to damages for the landlord’s retaliation.

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