Fire and Water Damage Insurance Claims

When a serious fire occurs in a home, one of the first things a homeowner does after everyone has gotten out of the house safely and the fire department has put out the fire is contact the insurance company. People pay for this kind of coverage because they expect their insurance company to be there for them if they ever need to file a fire damage insurance claim. In some cases though, the insurance company is not responsive, fails to property investigate the claim, or leaving the homeowner without a way to repair their property.

Denied Fire Insurance Claims

A delayed or denied fire damage insurance claim can be confusing to a homeowner who has done everything according to their policy requirements. Finding out they might not be reimbursed for work that has already been done or for repairs that have yet to be completed might leave them struggling to find the money to pay for everything out of their own pockets.

Water Damage

Water can damage a house due to a variety of sources. Sometimes, water from a nearby lake or stream can cause flooding inside a home. In other cases, the water damage is caused by a faulty pipe inside the house or a municipally-maintained water main outside the home. When it comes to a water damage insurance claim, knowing the source of the water is paramount to getting the claim paid. A typical homeowners insurance policy might not cover water damage when the source was outside the house.

Denied Water Damage Claim

When a claim for water damage that should be paid is denied, the homeowner can face significant restoration costs. Depending on the extent of the damage and source of the water, there might be mold or other contamination inside the home. Fortunately, homeowners do have options when they have a denied water damage insurance claim.

Working with an Attorney

If contacting the adjuster to resolve the issue doesn't work, homeowners who have their fire or water damage claim delayed or denied have another remedy. They can contact an attorney who focuses on insurance coverage law to deal directly with the insurance company on their behalf. These lawyers are skilled negotiators who regularly fight for their clients' rights in these situations and are able to get the claims paid.

Working with an attorney might take the stress out of the claims process. Since, at that point, homeowners won't have to deal with the insurance company directly, they can focus on repairing their home while their attorney sorts out the insurance claim. If the insurance company denied the claim because they were missing information, the attorney might be able to get it to them quickly so the claim can be processed and paid. In cases where the insurance company denies the claim without cause, the attorney might review the policy and work with the insurer to come to an understanding about why the homeowner deserves to have the claim paid.

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